Olivia Valere Restaurant and Nightclub is an Alhambra theme inspired luxury nightlife venue in Marbella. It is owned by the legendary nightclub owner herself… Oliva Valere! It has been running for over fifteen years and is on two levels. Downstairs is Babilonia a beautiful open sky restaurant/lounge, offering Italian and International cuisine created by skilled chefs. On the second level, there is Le Prive Lounge Bar which is elegant and chilled, next to this is the busy nightclub. The venue can hold around one thousand people max.

The DJ’s play lighter sounds downstairs and harder beats upstairs. The atmosphere is buzzing and the age group mixed, which is what I love about Spain.

On arrival, we relaxed on the sofas in the sky lounge and were entertained by electronic world music and beautiful elegant dancers in shimmery gowns. After getting into the groove we then decided to venture upstairs for some harder beats, where the music was more tech-house style, the dance floor was packed and good fun. Later we decided to take it down a notch and sit on the upstairs terrace where we were entertained by a wonderful modern style belly dancer and deep house beats.

The sumptuous interiors and atmosphere of this nightclub attract a glamorous, affluent crowd who appreciate good music. Talented DJ’s play here including Edu Reyes and Andrea Privitera.

To summarise if you are looking for an evening that combines fine dining, glamorous entertainment and talented DJ’s all in one venue, then Olivia Valere Restaurant and Nightclub is the place of choice.







Posted by:MEAD