Halloween at Shoreditch House, was definitely the place to be this year! Part of the Soho House members club group, Shoreditch House is one of eighteen global houses. Set in a six-storey converted warehouse in East London the house has a rooftop pool and restaurant, House Kitchen, Library, Cowshed spa, House gym and twenty-six bedrooms.

As I arrived at Old Street underground to walk to the venue, I exited the tube station to find an interesting array of pop-ups including a spooky Halloween shop, ‘House Of Fears’.  They were selling masks, glitter, costumes and things that make you go boo….for example a waving clown behind a mirror and a hand that grabbed me from the wall!

Full Res King Of Fears Pop Up

King Of Fears Pop Up InteriorWalking from Old Street Tube to Shoreditch House the atmosphere was electric, with Zombies and ‘Day of the Dead dressed partygoers scattering the streets, there was also a half moon present to set the mood.

Arriving at Shoreditch House the lift took us straight to the roof terrace swimming pool where there was a huge Inflatable floating Louise Bourgeois style spider which looked fantastic, it also seemed to be alive moving in the wind. We then made our way to the Twisted Tales photo booth by London Lightbox, for our horror snaps, see the evidence below!

Twited Tales.jpg

Post photo session it was time to hit the dance floor where the atmosphere was hotting up with people in wonderful and varied outfits. The DJ played lots of classics such as House of Pain – ‘Jump Around’.



Late night snacks are always on offer at Shoreditch House in case you should become a little peckish after all that dancing, including Mac ‘n’ Cheese, salads, burgers and fries. There are also a good selection of wines, beers (bottled/draught), cocktails and mocktails.

All in all, Halloween at Shoreditch House was the perfect celebration party with a crowd that know how to buzz the joint!






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