Sandwich Salutes The 40’s Kent is an outdoor exhibition that takes place down at Sandwich in Kent. People travel from far and wide to showcase their vintage 1940’s cars, outfits and wartime memorabilia.

It’s a weekend of re-enacting the 40s with over two hundred experienced re-enactors taking part, Including, the Desert Rats, RAF, Red Cross Nurses, Military Police, Home Guard, Land Army Girls and number 4 Commando Group. Scenes are re-created such as, rescuing downed airmen from the sea and stretchering the wounded to field hospitals. The authentic sound of air raid sirens, gunfire, singers and 1940’s music also adds to the recreated WW2 atmosphere.

Entertainments over the weekend included a concert in St Mary’s on Saturday evening and free live music from the deck of a P22 Gunboat on all three days featuring 40s style singers, dancing.

The event is organised by the Sandwich Rotary Club and the P22 Trust with support from Sandwich Community Events Association.

Sandwich Salutes The 40's

Sandwich Town Quay, 
Quay Green and the River Stour
Quay green
CT13 9EN United Kingdom

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Phone: 01304611619
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