My good friend Polly asked me if I wanted to see The Hollywood Vampires at Wembley Arena for my birthday. My immediate response was, “who are they?” She said they are a band formed of Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Jonny Depp & other significant members! Having previously worked in the music industry I am very open minded to all sorts of music so thought it might be a good opportunity to see what delights the Vampires might have in store!

I was in for a nice surprise, as this was an evening I will never forget. Arriving at Wembley Arena, I was impressed at how well organised everything was from security, managing crowds to food etc. The crowd were vibrant, mixed and all out to have a fun and support the music they love.

First on was supporting act The Damned, I must admit I wasn’t sure they were still going? I’m not familiar with their music but I do remember Captin Sensible. They played some good tunes including ‘Smash It Up’ and Captin Sensible was, as always a great entertainer.

The crowd rocking Darkness followed The Damned with some great numbers, including their famous hit…..”I Believe In A Thing Called Love” they know how to rock an audience and it was great to see Justin the lead singer strutting his stuff and warming the crowd with his humour.  Bass player Frankie Poullain also teased the crowd with his percussion playing.

Finally, the show-stopping Hollywood Vampires made their entrance with various cover versions, which were tributes to many wonderful music stars past and present. Songs included: David Bowie – ‘Space Oddity’, Pink Floyd – ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ and many more. All songs were played with great showmanship and Alice Cooper knows how to dazzle and entrance a crowd. The show’s finale piece ended spectacularly with ‘Schools Out’. I enjoyed the show so much I am still singing ‘Schools Out’ a week later!!!

Ladies At The Hollywood Vampires Gig

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