Lunch at Beaverbrook House Surrey is the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Set in the Surrey Hills area, this beautiful boutique hotel, spa and restaurant takes you back to a bygone era. The location is a real getaway, previously having gone for tea I thought it was time to discover the Italian lunch menu at The Garden House restaurant.

The long winding road takes you to a lovely walled garden area and as you drive in, this is where the garden house is situated. The atmosphere is light and airy with a lovely terrace to lounge on.

I had a lovely Virgin Caesar cocktail to start which had its own unique Beaverbrook favour (Clamato Juice, Sipsmith Vodka, Manzanilla Sherry, Lime, Fresh Horseradish & Mix of Spices), it was wonderfully delicious. We were also given herby Sardinian Flatbread, Great Greek Pistachios and Big Green Olives with our drinks, all super fresh tasting, although the flatbread was maybe a little too salty for my liking.

Then came the starters, a wonderful ‘Chilled Garden Courgette & Mint Soup with Black Olive Grissini’, the menu was fairly meat based with not many options for vegetarians so I decided to have a starter as my main which was a ‘Terrine of Loch Duart Salmon & Basil’ this was accompanied by ‘Zucchini Fritti’. The chosen wine was ‘Mirabeau ‘ Pure’, Cotes de Provence France’. For dessert, I had the Dark Chocolate Nemesis Creme Fraiche Salted Caramel Ice Cream. All extremely tantalising on the taste buds.

After lunch we breezed the ten-minute walk to the main house, they can also order you a buggy to take you there. We were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who took us for a guided tour which started with the lovely old cinema which has been restored to its original look, and wired up so you can ‘Netflix ‘n’ Chill’ on a high level, the beautiful plush red velvet seat make this a sumptuous experience.

Beaverbrok Cinema Room.jpg

Then a trip to the office/lounge library bar where you can chill with drinks and friends, this had a very calm cosey atmosphere and was the perfect entertaining room.

The piece de resistance at Beaverbrook is the Elizabeth Taylor room upstairs which was the only vacant room, this really is something to behold, very tastefully decorated in pastel, floral shades with a huge en-suite tiled bathroom and a beautiful photo of Liz on the wall, I did not take photos so you will have to use your imagination but it felt like Elizabeth Taylor could have been in the room it felt so glamorous. I think this has to be the most inviting boutique hotel room I have ever seen, especially with the veranda, you just imagine Liz there sipping a Gin & Tonic, it is 100% perfection.

Finally, we decided to go for drinks at the Parrot Bar which has also been restored to its original glory, here you can relax at the bar on plush blue velvet stools or sink into the comfy sofas with a cocktail or glass of Champagne. I cannot wait to visit Beaverbrook again and try the Japanese Grill at The Dining Room… this space.


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