London clubbing culture has been dwindling for a while due to many venues shutting for various reasons. However, people still want to go out and have fun, especially the over 30’s….they have been brought up in a culture of exciting music genres and nightlife and still want to embrace this culture in a mature way. Many parents with older children now go out and have fun while their children the sensible Saffy (Ab Fab) generation stay at home and have virtual fun. Given the lack of late night venues and the need to maximise sleep due to punishing work schedules, wanting to be home at a decent hour or to be with family, is the future of London clubbing 7-11 pm?

The Layo and Bushwacka Thames boat party on the Dutch Master was the perfect party to let one’s hair down and still be home at a decent hour.


Making our way to the Millennium Pier for 6:30 pm it was all on board the Dutch master for a 7pm launch. The warm October air and half moon set the scene for a wonderful evening. The crowd were warm, friendly and quite clearly delighted Layo and Bushwaka had come together once again reviving their magical DJ talents and working the crowd into a frenzy. The boat took a route down to Greenwich past the Millenium Dome then breezed back up the Thames taking us in the opposite direction letting us view electric London..

London Shard

As expected the dynamic duo delivered a unique set of tunes and kept the boat rocking to the beat. The party was thoroughly enjoyable and we were still able to get the last train home. I really hope they run another one soon as it really is a good chance to let your hair down and still get plenty of shut-eye.

Layo & Bushwaka DJ'ing

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