Russian art & home-made pickles at Zima Restaurant was a delightful experience I will never forget and I am inspired to replicate the delicious Russian pickling method at home.

Zima restaurant is based in Soho and a firm favourite of mine. On this occasion the restaurant displayed some wonderful Russian constructivist art. They regularly hold music and art events as well as private hire for parties. The restaurant can hold a maximum of two hundred people and is spread over three floors with a very attractive space downstairs.

The restaurant serves wonderfully, delicious dishes but unfortunately given Russia is traditionally a meat-eating country, a lot of the dishes are not suitable for vegetarians. There are however limited but wonderful options on the menu.

I had a ‘Russian Mary’ to kick start the experience, laced with horseradish, nastoyka, tomato juice, lemon and celery bitters, this is a unique and special experience and if you have ever read any of my other blog articles you will know this is one of my favourite drinks and I tend to try it wherever I can.

For the entree I had the home-made pickles which had a very subtle crunch, infused with dill. The pickles included cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, white cabbage with a sprinkling of chives.

For the main I had the Vareniki (dumplings) with potato, mushrooms and a side dish of burnt cauliflower, this came with soured cream, I also tried the Trans-Siberian Express made with Russian Standart Vodka, sea buckthorn, orange, ginger and rosemary served in a traditional glass which reminds me of the time I travelled from Moscow to St. Petersburg on a train and was served Russian tea in a similar glass…..happy memories!!

45 Frith Street, Soho, W1D 4SDPhone: 0207 49-49-111E-mail:

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