A Two Night Stay At Pikes Hotel Ibiza is like taking a historical journey back in time. Pikes is a hotel with a significant history. Set in a pretty location outside St. Antonio it has stunning views.
Once owned by the legendary late Tony Pike who passed away this year at the age of 85, the hotel is now owned by Dawn Hindle and Andy McKay who also own Ibiza Rocks.
When you arrive at Pikes the hotel staff are very welcoming and friendly. The reception area is a homage to its 1980s past with photos of Tony Pike, Kylie Minogue, Grace Jones, Freddie Mercury and Julio Iglesias.
I was taken to my apartment, number 25 at Pikes, which was an experience in itself. I felt like I was in a 1980’s timewarp, the room seemed to have not been changed since the early 1980’s with bamboo leather clad chairs, large cherry glass ornaments and pineapple lights on the bedside tables. There were also backlit photographs of music personalities such as Courtney Love. Everything is clean and rustic, I also had a large Queen transportation case from Terminal Studios in my room, but not sure if that was from the 80’s looking at the phone number.

The center feature of the hotel is the iconic blue tiled pool with built in cocktail stools near to the cocktail bar, featured in the 1984 Wham Club Tropicana video.
Dotted around the hotel there are strange ornaments including dolls, a crocodile, bus stop sign and ornamental sheep with blue coats.

During my first night at Pikes I enjoyed the Choose Love wonderful Syrian dinner which consisted of entrees such as Falafael, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Bado, Mujadara Salad, Halloumi Salad and Khobz and for main Mosaah Syrian Fish and Dessert of Baklava and Syrian Ice-Cream.
The crowd staying at the hotel are mainly mature, however, the hotel night club which boasts many famous DJ nights attracts a mixed age group. I experienced the night club on my second night which was heaving, not much room for dancing!!

During my stay I also made friends with many of the Pikes resident cats who basically seem to own and direct Pikes. They are a major feature and have a lovely life at this hotel and are very well looked after.

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